Machine design services:

● Complete design or redesign and optimization of new or existing mechanical elements, units, systems, which lasts from the assessment of customer needs to the handover of the completed technical plans.

● Engineering consultancy

● Engineering on-site survey, quotation.

● Making floor plans, ie drawing a two-dimensional layout, of plants, predefined target locations.

● Preparation of preliminary plans, visual plans, typically at the beginning of projects, to develop the concept and to explore system functions.

● Perform static and dynamic calculations for existing or design concepts:
○ Sizing of support structures with simpler and more complex designs.
○ Technological sizing, testing, inspection of pneumatic, hydraulic and systems.
○ Sizing and dynamic testing of moving and lifting systems.
○ Scaling with design software, preparation of examination, interpretable.

● Create virtual, three-dimensional models, visualize and modify them according to the predefined file types requested.
○ Creating part models.
○ Creating assembly models.
○ Replacement with missing elements in assembly models.
○ Arrangement of assembly structures in assembly models.

● Technical drawing and documentation services related to virtual models created or to be created.
○ Workshop drawings, correct preparation of products.
○ Preparation of assembly drawings with exploded views.
○ Preparation of production raw material and assembly material lists.
○ Creating machine books.

Mechanical engineering, construction, services:

● Assembling machine components, target machines or mechanical systems based on existing plans.
○ Installation of static support structures, machine frames.
○ Installation and adjustment of moving dynamic drive systems, drive transmission elements.
○ Installation of piping systems for pneumatic, hydraulic and other chemical systems.

● Industrial installation of mechanical systems.

● On-site or on-site installation of semi-finished or remodeled systems, according to defined plans.

● Installation manager service for construction, with other responsible services.

● Carry out metalworking and other locksmith work.