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The company was founded in 2019, the main direction of which was mechanical design, but private and industrial needs, after a few months, gave us a reason to expand the profile of the company, as a result of which mechanical engineering construction work was also started.

The company provides a wide range of industrial and private engineering engineering and mechanical engineering services. This wide-ranging activity profile is due to the fact that, as a young business, we want to seize the opportunities on offer and provide a feasible service that gives the best possible result.

Activities and services defined according to the profile of the company, which can be viewed under the machine design and machine building, construction, under the Service menu tab.

The process of work, from the assessment of customer needs – through the preparation of plans – to the process of machine construction and construction, installation and then testing, for a complete project. In the case of such projects, the company provides a specific personal engineering presence and activity, so that the engineering activity can provide the best possible result for the project because, the engineering service is not exhausted in the design, but the engineer actively manages and participate.

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